Why plan your funeral

  • The Benefits

    Arranging and paying for your funeral now will not only save your loved ones money in the future, but will also save them from the anxiety and emotion of trying to guess what your funeral preferences would have been.

    Costs are fixed and are based on today’s prices. It doesn’t matter how long in the future your funeral occurs, everything specified in your funeral plan paperwork, will cost no more than if it happened today.

    More and more people are now planning and paying for their funeral in advance. When the time comes everything is paid and taken care of. Planning your funeral ahead of time has a number of benefits for yourself and for those you love.

    Relieve your family of the stress and burden

    It’s hard enough to say goodbye without the added pressure of worrying about the deceased’s last wishes. This is why pre-planned funerals can be so helpful in relieving any added stress on the family and loved ones.

    Lighten the financial load for your family

    By covering all costs in advance you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your family won’t have to worry about how they will pay. Pre-paying your funeral can be your final gift to those you love, allowing them to say goodbye without concerns about money at a time when they are least able to cope.

    Fixed price means money saved

    Buying a funeral at today’s prices protects you and your family from inflation and any future price increase. Saving you money and worry; it’s a logical and considered purchase that not everyone wants to make, but most people are glad they did.

    Personalise your funeral, say "goodbye" your way

    Throughout life we are defined by our personality, our actions and how we interact with those around us. Family Funerals Trust believes this should continue with your last act in this world. We encourage you to think about things now so that your life and personality shine through, at your final goodbye.

    Click here to personalise your funeral

    Our family serving your family

    Family Funerals Trust Limited is a company owned by Lodge Brothers (Funerals) Limited. It has been established to co-ordinate and adminster Funeral Pre-Planning and Pre-Payment on behalf of our network of Funeral Directors.Our philosophy is that it is a privilege to serve the communities we work in. We offer an uplifting and welcome change. Privately run, our company has been managed by the same family through seven generations and we are proud to say we have brought sensitivity, understanding and personal attention to every funeral we handle.
  • What’s involved

    The Process

    Family Funerals Trust strive to make your pre-planned funeral selection as easy as possible, simply:

    Step 1 - Decide whether you would prefer a burial or cremation
    Step 2 - Select a plan that meets your requirements from one of our 7 pre-paid plans
    Step 3 - Choose how you wish to pay. You can choose a one-off payment or interest-free payments over 36 months
    Step 4 - Complete your purchase and Family Funerals Trust will be in touch and take care of the rest

    In the strictest confidence we will discuss the selection of services available and tailor these to your individual requirements. 

    To complete the process and ensure you relieve your family from as much stress as possible, make use of our unique Personalise Your Funeral tool that covers all aspects of saying ‘goodbye’ your way.

    Put your trust in a Trust - The money you pre-pay is held in a secure Trust which ensures two crucial things:

    1. The cost stays the same once paid so there are no additional fees later as a result of inflation or added costs.
    2. Your funds are securely held ready to be paid to the funeral director when the time comes.

    Helpful Extras:

    You have 28 days from payment in which to cancel your arrangement and a full refund will be made.

    After 28 days but within the members lifetime, if you wish to cancel your arrangement, all monies paid less the membership fee, will be refunded.