This FREE questionnaire will help you think about your funeral service and the aspects that are important to you. It is purely for your own personal use and there is no legal or financial commitment.

Using defining characteristics from your life, things as simple as a passion for music, being a valiant firefighter or an avid stamp collector can add something special to your final goodbye. Not only that, it’s often the more practical aspects of planning a funeral which can benefit from being personalised for example hymns to be sung, pallbearers and planning the wake.

Thinking about these things in advance not only takes the burden off your loved ones but also connects them to you one final time as they mourn you and say their goodbyes.


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  • Type of Funeral

    Depending on your personal preference you can choose different options for your funeral service:

    Making a choice now will relieve a big decision from your family and loved ones.

  • Type of Service

    Depending upon your faith you can choose different options for your funeral service:

    I'd like people to sing my favourite hymns as part of the service.

  • Service Theme

    Many people want to say goodbye in their own unique way as a lasting reminder of their personality, interests and achievements. Think about your passions and how you might want to be remembered, for example a gardener might want guests to carry one of their prize-winning roses.

    The service theme can reflect how you wish to be remembered

  • Transportation

    Many people choose a simple hearse or horse drawn carriage, however nowadays there are far more ways to make your last journey in your own individual way. How would you like to travel?

    Tradtional or modern, there are a range of options available.

  • The Journey

    Your final journey can simply be from your home to the crematorium or burial ground. However, subject to some sensible conditions, you might wish to take a trip via a special place such as a park, place of work or your teams' playing ground.

    Travel along the road you grew up driving.

  • Coffin & Dressing

    You can choose from different options not only for the type of coffin but how it’s dressed from the materials to the decoration.

    Lay a bat and ball on the coffin.

  • Meeting Locations

    Tell us where you would like your loved ones to meet

    Meet at your family home.

  • Hymns

    Tell us which hymns you would like to be sung as part of the service. You can enter up to three:

    Choose a selection of your favourite hymns

  • Poems, Readings & Prayers

    The order of service enables you to say goodbye your way by choosing those elements of the service that you’d like to personalise. Tell us your favourite poems, readings and prayers that you’d like to include.

    Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep.

  • Music

    Whether its your favourite track, a shared tune that triggers a memory or simply something that you think is most appropriate for the occasion, pre-selecting music allows you to put your stamp on things.

    Over the Rainbow

  • Eulogy

    Readings and the eulogy really enable you to directly personalise your funeral service by choosing things that really mean something to you and your loved ones.

    You could ask your closest friend.

  • Pall Bearers

    Nominating family and friends as pallbearers can be a great honour to those asked on the day. Think about who you’d like to nominate.

    You could nominate members of your family.

  • The Wake

    After the funeral it is customary for family and loved ones to get together to remember and celebrate the life of their loved one. Think about where you’d like this to be, and how you can add your own personal touch.

    Your favourite tipple.

  • Special Request

    Is there anything you would like to happen at the wake, if not specified?

    You could suggest a friendly sports game between family and friends.

  • Gifting & Messages

    If you’ve organised and have a will then you may have already considered this, however it’s nice to think about small gifts that friends and loved ones may appreciate when you pass on.

    NB: These are the personal wishes of the deceased however it is not legally binding.

    You may wish to pass down certain items.

  • Ashes/Cremated Remains

    Choosing a place for scattering cremated remains can be a difficult decision for loved ones at their time of grieving. Use this space to point them in the right direction of what you’d like best.

    A local beauty spot.

  • Headstone

    Deciding on a headstone and what message to display can be difficult for family and friends at a time of grieving. Think about the type of headstone you might like, and what message you would like it to read:

    Poems or quotes.

  • Other

    If you can think of anything you’d like to add to the funeral proceedings that you haven’t already covered in these stages, please mention them here.

    Releasing lanterns or balloons.